About Yolla Co-Op

About Us

We exist for our members!

Formed in 1977, Yolla Co-Op has gone from strength to strength since the idea of one man brought the farmers of Tasmania together.

Yolla Co-Op is a farmer’s co-operative supplying a full range of rural merchandise and supplies to Tasmanian farmers. Formed in 1977 by a handful of farmers from Yolla in North West Tasmania, today the Co-Op serves some 1,650 members throughout Tasmania from remote areas on the West Coast to the Tasman Peninsula.









100% Owned by Tasmanian Farmers

We’re owned and managed by Tasmanian farmers; in other words, we work for you!

We provide our members with a full range of rural supplies at extremely competitive prices. We buy goods in bulk and pass on the savings to our members.

In addition, by using the purchasing power of our 1,650 members, we can provide our members with access to a wide range of rural, business and personal goods and services at reduced prices through our Yolla Partners program.

Our Products

We offer a full range of rural merchandise - with over 4,000 product lines & counting!

See all that we have for you and your farm at your local Yolla Co-Op store! We feature some 4,000 product lines for your farm’s upkeep and safety, as well as for your animals’ health and wellbeing. If we don’t stock the product you want, there’s a fair chance we can get it for you. Simply ask one of our store’s associates for help.

We stock a huge variety of animal feed supplies for beef and dairy cattle, sheep, horses, poultry, pigs and pets. We buy everything in bulk and reduce the cost for your satisfaction and convenience! Offering affordable, competitively priced rural food and accessories is just one way of showing our appreciation to our valued members.

If you want access to the highest-quality rural product lines, become a member of Yolla Co-Op today!

Yolla Producers Cooperative Society's Values

Striving to be the ‘Supplier of Choice’

Yolla Co-Op strives to be the rural supplier of choice for our members. We do this by providing quality goods and services at very competitive pricing, when and where they are needed, with outstanding customer service.

Our values include the following:

We Exist for Our Members

Our members’ interests are at the core of everything we do. We do the right thing for our members.

We Succeed as a Team

We respect, nurture and value the skills and responsibilities of every member of our team, but are well aware that we succeed only by working together as a team.

We Strive to Continually Improve

We will be responsive, flexible and innovative in predicting and responding to the changing needs of our members.

We Give Back to Our Communities

We care about the communities we live and work in.

We also welcome sponsorship requests. If your organisation aligns with our values and mission, we would love to hear more. To apply, visit our Community Sponsorship page and fill out our sponsorship request form.

We’re Here for the Long Haul

We employ well-qualified, professional staff. We empower them to conduct the day-to-day operations of the Co-Op responsibly and prudently and plan well for the future. We expect excellence in Board governance.

We Act With Integrity and Professionalism

We act with honesty and integrity in all our dealings, and will honour and do what we say we will do.

We Enjoy What We Do

We are passionate about what we do and enjoy what we do. We are friendly, welcoming and respectful of our customers, fellow team members and all others with whom we deal. We expect our members to have an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

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We've Grown!

Design & Visualise Your Ear Tags Before You Buy

We are now offering a new service to make buying your ear tags from Yolla Co-Op even easier. Our new online tag editor enables you to fully customise & visualise your ear tags before you buy. Members can still charge their Yolla Co-Op member account, making payment easy. Whether it's for your livestock or a special event, buy with confidence, knowing you'll receive what you see online!


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