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Farm & General Supplies

At Yolla Co-Op we understand the unique needs and challenges faced by farmers and we pride ourselves on being your trusted partner in rural living. Our extensive collection of rural supplies is meticulously curated to meet every aspect of your operation, from irrigation and water storage to pest control, silage and hay, household essentials, clothes and work boots, dairy and farm hygiene, and general merchandise. Along with offering quality products, we also provide our customers with expert advice and unparalleled service designed to support your success and enhance your farming experience.

Irrigation Systems

Maximise crop yields and conserve water with our range of advanced irrigation systems. Whether you're a small-scale gardener or a large-scale farmer, we offer a variety of irrigation options tailored to your specific needs and budget. From drip irrigation to centre pivots, our expert team can help you design and install a system that optimises water distribution and efficiency, ensuring healthy crops and increased productivity.

Water Storage Solutions

Ensure reliable access to water year-round with our selection of water storage solutions. From tanks and barrels to troughs and reservoirs, we offer a range of options to suit your property size and water storage needs. Our durable and weather-resistant storage solutions are designed to withstand the elements and provide a dependable water supply for irrigation, livestock, and household use.

Pest Control Products

Protect your crops and property from pests and diseases with our comprehensive range of pest control products. From insecticides and rodenticides to traps and repellents, we offer solutions to manage pests effectively and minimise damage to your crops and structures. Our knowledgeable staff can provide guidance on integrated pest management strategies to help you maintain a healthy and pest-free environment.

Silage & Hay Products

Preserve and maximise the nutritional value of your forage crops with our silage and hay equipment. From balers and wrappers to mowers and tedders, we offer a complete range of machinery to facilitate efficient harvesting, processing, and storage of hay and silage. Our range of silage products is designed for durability and performance, allowing you to produce high-quality feed for your livestock year-round.

Dairy & Farm Hygiene

Maintain optimal hygiene and sanitation standards on your farm with our range of dairy and farm hygiene products. From udder care and teat sanitisation to milk handling and equipment cleaning, we offer solutions to ensure the quality and safety of your dairy products. Our hygiene products are formulated for effectiveness and ease of use, helping you maintain a clean and healthy environment for your livestock and workers.

Household Products

Stock up on household essentials with our selection of products for rural living. From cleaning supplies to food products, we offer everything you need to maintain a comfortable and functional home on the property. Our household products are chosen for their quality, durability, and suitability for rural lifestyles, making them a convenient choice for farmers and their families.

Clothes & Work Boots

Stay comfortable and protected on the farm with our selection of clothes and work boots. From durable workwear to protective outerwear, we offer options for every season and task. Our clothing and footwear are designed for durability, comfort, and functionality, keeping you safe and comfortable during long hours of work in the field or barn.

General Merchandise

Explore our wide range of general merchandise, including tools, hardware, fencing supplies, pet care products, and more. Whether you're repairing a fence, grooming your pets, or tackling a DIY project, we have everything you need to get the job done. Our general merchandise is selected for quality, reliability, and value, ensuring that you can find the right products for every task and budget.

At Yolla Co-Op, we are dedicated to supporting the success and sustainability of local farmers by providing them with the highest quality rural supplies and unparalleled customer service at the best possible price. 

Owned by farmers, for farmers, we’re proud to partner with only the best brands in Australia, such as: Apparent Ag, Blundstone, Cyclone, Gallagher, Impact Fertilisers, Kaiwaka, Rex James Stockfeed, Purina, Provico, Tankworld Tasmania, Waratah Fencing, Virbac, Datamars, Zoetis, Agri Novatex, Koppers Wood Products, Whites Group, Rivalea, Tama, DLF Seeds, Mars Petcare, BosAg Rural, Boehringer Ingelheim, AIRR iO, and many more.

Visit us in store or online today and experience the difference that Yolla Co-Op can make for your farming operation. We understand the unique challenges and rewards of rural life, and we're here to be your trusted partner in farming success.

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